2 Gingers Whiskey Dallas Airstream

Over the years, I’ve found myself connecting with many things Irish. While my name holds a bit of Irish origin, I do not. That hasn’t stopped me, however, from enjoying Irish music, the famous Irish fervor for life, and of course the occasional Irish whiskey. It came as quite a treat when 2 Gingers invited us to join their founder, Kieran Folliard, for a toast and a chat as he makes his way around the country in a custom Airstream. An avid storyteller, Kieran wanted to seize the opportunity to swap stories with some of the best storytellers all over the U.S. and share the tale of how 2 Gingers came to be.

2 Gingers Whiskey Dallas Airstream

The greatest products often have a greater story behind them, and 2 Gingers embodies that concept well. In describing his philosophy on business, Kieran summed it up nicely in the statement that “Everything must be done with generosity.”

IMG_1459You see, 2 Gingers was born in a pub, which Kieran owned, specifically for the friends who gathered there. Without the intention of mass production or international distribution, it was brought to life with the goal of making a whiskey that is as drinkable in the Summer as it is in the Winter. In the inspiration of his mother, Mary and Aunt, Delia, the two fiery redheads who’s likenesses are found on the bottle itself, he pressed forward to write his own story, and that he did. As reception of the whiskey grew beyond the doors of his pub, Kieran decided it was time to release it to the rest of the world.

2 gingers big ginger recipeAfter tasting it, I found that 2 Gingers is unique in that it holds true to the strong and smooth likeness we’ve come to know and love from Irish whiskey, but with a bright finish that creates what I would consider to be a more refreshing end. Of course, to truly savor the palate of a whiskey, a neat sip is in order, but 2 Gingers has something else up it’s sleeve. It is pretty impressive when mixed in a cocktail. Specifically, the Big Ginger, which we got to enjoy during our stop at Sigels Liquor in Addison. This lightly sweet beverage instantly became a new Summer favorite (as soon as Summer gets here anyway) and will definitely be appearing as a non-beer option at our next cook-out. Lemonade is about to be knocked off it’s throne.

2 Gingers Group PhotoIt’s always awesome to hear the success stories around the food and drink that we have the opportunities to try, and the chance to hear the story from the Founder himself really makes it a special experience. Check out their website to see more of the story at www.2gingerswhiskey.com, and find them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up with the latest news.

If you’re interested in joining Kieran and the 2 Gingers team for a tasting, they’ll be in the DFW area throughout March. Take a look at their events page to see where and when they will be dropping by.


Just about everything in the 2 Gingers Airstream has a story behind it.


Closing time, on your bikes gentlemen!