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San Antonio’s Dough Challenges Il Cane Rosso

The House-made Mozzarella is Delicious

Dallas is quickly getting an impressive reputation for pizza. It’s no New York, but we can proudly say there are a handful of respectable pizza options.

The latest addition comes from San Antonio. The popular Dough Pizzeria opened a location at strip-mall in north Dallas at Preston Road and Forest Lane. Their San Antonio location was recently featured on Guy Fieri’s show Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives .

There are two key elements to Dough’s pizza. They have an imported oven from Naples and make their own mozzarella on-site (for the full story checkout their website.) The waiter’s spiel informed us about the oven and that it only takes 90 seconds to cook the pizza. Of course we also received the clarification that the pizzas are on the smaller side, something I’m sure they need to tell the typical strip-mall restaurant customer.

The waiter to table ratio seemed to be 1.2 to 1. Not sure I understand the excessive staffing. We certainly received good service, but not great. It crossed that line of too much attention; though, it wasn’t annoying just with so much staff standing around you felt like they needed something to do leading to an impression of too many stops at our table.

Dough's Margherita "STG" with Garlic

Fortunately, the pizza is excellent. The house-made mozzarella, crushed san marzano tomato sauce, and thin Napoletana dough made for a delicious pizza. It’s very similar in quality to Il Cane Rosso; though, I have to give Cane the edge here not so much for taste – it’s a tie – but for atmosphere and staff.

"Yummy Sandwiches"

We also tried the Tuscan salad and a dessert. I do recommend the Nutella Panini. One of our boys, don’t ask me which one, referred to it as yummy sandwiches. Well said young man, well said.

Where Dough suffers is experience. It is just to suburbanite and I feel like I’m eating at a chain restaurant where the identity is a creation of some formulaic rubberstamp. It’s a bit disappointing because the food is really quite good. Fortunately, the location will work well for Dough since it is less adventurous than Deep Ellum, something the Dallas suburban population will appreciate.

Dough Pizzeria
11909 Preston Rd
Dallas, TX 75230
(972) 788-4600
Hours & More Info: http://www.doughpizzeria.com/

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