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Author Archives: Lauren Reed Finegan

Champps Americana Hosts Grand Reopening Party, Feb. 20

Champps Americana Hosts Grand Reopening Party, Feb. 20

Champps Americana, a premium sports bar located in Las Colinas, has been recently updated with 44 new 60-inch flat-screen TVs, brand new booths, chairs and more to enhance the sports-fan experience. I’ve been a long-time fan of Champps, so I’m excited to see these renovations! Want to join in on the fun?? Champps is hostingContinue Reading

Blogworthy BBQ

Born and raised in Texas, my appreciation for good barbecue runs deep; however, I am not a BBQ expert by any means. I definitely know what I like, and at 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House in Frisco (my new ‘hood), Trace Arnold slow-cooks exactly what I love. Known as “The Rib Whisperer”, this TexasContinue Reading

New Salad Concept is Ready for Take Off

Bread Zeppelin, a new fast-casual concept in Las Colinas, is more than just a catchy name. Is it a wrap or a sub? Actually neither, it’s a Zeppelin! Taking the salad to new heights, Bread Zeppelin offers your customized chopped salad in a toasty hollowed out fresh artisan baguette (the trademark Zeppelin) or a 48 ounceContinue Reading

Nekter Juice Bar arrives in Dallas

Every time I hear about someone starting a juice cleanse, I immediately think of fad diets, a quick fix to suddenly become healthy, or how expensive it must be. This is not the case when cleansing at Nekter Juice Bar’s newest location in Snider Plaza, where 15 servings of vegetables and fruits per day areContinue Reading

Why bring a sack lunch when you can eat Freshii?

Downtown Dallas was never on my radar for a quick breakfast or lunch, due to slim pickings and lack of parking spots. I knew I had to change my ways after the opening of Freshii, a “health-casual” restaurant that came to town in May of this year. An international chain since 2005, Freshii is knownContinue Reading

Popsicles Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore

Remember those brutally hot summers as a kid that were filled with drinking out of the hose, running through sprinklers, plastic pools, and raiding the freezer for Otter Pops? I sure do! There’s something about those “Fast Freeze Juice Bars” that make my mouth water and turns my lips and tongue the color of eachContinue Reading

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